Zydeco Nation launch

The radio documentary and project website are both online and ready for your enjoyment. Here is the press release:

“Richard Ziglar and Barry Yeoman announce the release of Zydeco Nation, a music-rich radio documentary about the French Creole migration from South Louisiana to Northern California and the rise of the Bay Area’s zydeco culture. At their web site, http://www.zydeconation.org/, you can link to the hour-long documentary, watch a three-minute slideshow, look at John Noltner’s beautiful photos, listen to additional interview excerpts, and learn more about California’s zydeco culture. Please listen to the doc, offer feedback, and share this link far and wide!

Do you know a radio station that should broadcast Zydeco Nation? Please let them know. Stations may sample the program at http://www.aarp.org/zydeco, then download it free for broadcast at http://mmgny.com/zydeco. Stations that belong to Public Radio Exchange (PRX) can also sample and download it at http://www.prx.org/pieces/72838. In a huge vote of confidence, the editors at PRX, an online market for public radio programming, are highlighting Zydeco Nation on their curated playlist of hour-long Black History Month specials.

Zydeco Nation is produced by Richard Ziglar and Barry Yeoman and distributed by AARP Prime Time Radio. Broadcasts are scheduled to begin in February. At that time, AARP Prime Time Radio will release the documentary to the 160 broadcast outlets in their network but will also market the documentary to radio stations outside their network.”

Broadcast Update on Zydeco Nation

Great News: AARP’s Prime Time Radio has agreed to serve as the distributor for our latest radio documentary, Zydeco Nation. Prime Time Radio has hour-long slots on 160+ stations around the country, which means broad distribution for our documentary. They will also make the show available to stations outside their network. We’re putting the final tweaks on the audio and moving toward February broadcast.

Please check back on February 1, 2012, for AARP Prime Time Radio broadcast information.

Civil War Stories from Happy Valley

In 2009, the North Carolina Arts Council commissioned me to create an audio piece on war stories from Happy Valley NC. The client  1) wanted at least four stories about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War as they were experienced in Happy Valley and 2) wanted these stories to be told by people who were either from Happy Valley or who were closely connected to the area in some way.

All of these stories were to be included in the same piece of audio with no narration. Any music had to be from a musician who was either from Happy Valley or elsewhere in Caldwell County NC. (Etta Baker was from Caldwell County.) Below is a short edit of what I produced for the client. All the stories in the edited piece below are about the Civil War.


The people telling their family stories are, in order, John Coffey, Eliza Bishop and Effley Howell.