Living on the Edge
Originally produced as internet “go-alongs” to accompany a magazine article written by Barry Yeoman, these non-narrated audio pieces show the hardship of elderly people living on the edge. To hear these four audio portraits, you can link to Barry Yeoman’s copy of the article here:


Allan Gurganus
This is an AARP Prime Time Radio Postscript about author Allan Gurganus. Allan Gurganus has been many things–writer, teacher, painter, veteran. Since serving in Vietnam, he has been concerned with wars–not just the official ones but ones closer to home, the small skirmishes of daily life where even the most well-intentioned people do damage to each other. His novel, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, is just as concerned about the war the Captain inflicts on his wife, Lucy Marsden, as it is about the actual Civil War. As an artist, though, Gurganus’s point is to show us a way out of conflict and to a more peaceable life. You can listen to this piece at the following link: It originally aired in November 2010.

You can find out more about Allan’s work at his website:

Captain Luke
The following is an AARP Prime Time Radio Postscript about Captain Luke, a blues singer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This short piece, produced by Richard Ziglar and Barry Yeoman, was an “audition” piece for the longer documentary, Truckin’ My Blues Away. You can listen to it here: It originally aired in February of 2009.

For more information about Captain Luke, and to listen to more of his music, check out his page at Music Maker Relief Foundation: