The Story at WUNC-FM

On April 20, 2011, The Story re-broadcast two of Ziglar’s stories that had aired earlier in the year as a part of Gulfwatch. You can listen to these at the following link:

The Spill – One Year Ago
In “It Don’t Look Good” Byron and Stanley Encalade talk about how the destruction of their oyster beds has impacted their lives. In “This is My World” Darla and Todd Rooks tell how they transformed their story of despair into one of defiance and political action.

During the fall of 2008 Ziglar worked as a freelance producer at WUNC-FM for The Story. Here are links to a few pieces he produced while at WUNC:

Proof of Citizenship
“Proof of Citizenship” is the story of a young Latino man, who, despite having served admirably in the US military and having been born in Texas, has been refused a US passport because his midwife delivery was not properly documented with a birth certificate.

The Forest Hill Fiasco
When Don’s mother, Vesta Foshee, died, he had a lot to deal with. What he could not have anticipated was that his mother’s funeral home would invalidate her pre-paid funeral plan, along with 13,000 others. This is about Don’s fight for justice.

Eloisa’s New Wall
The US government wants to tear apart this woman’s property and put in a wall. Why? They say it is to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the Texas border. But then why are there golf courses straddling the border with no wall?